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Caframo Pali Model 9510 CABBX 400 watt bilge (engine compartment) heater

Posted by Admin on 7/12/2016 to News

Introducing a new product for 2016, the Caframo Pali 9510 400 watt bilge (engine compartment) heater. Now there is a safe, reliable and economical heater that will help to protect your boats engine compartment from freezing temperatures over the winter months.

The Caframo Pali 9510 400 has been on the market for a few years now but before we decided to sell it, we first wanted to test this product. We did and were impressed. It is extremely well made and functions perfectly. We were also surprised by the selling price. Just $199. for a 400 watt heater.

This winter it will be a featured product and an excellent option for boat owners that want to extend the summer season.

These are some of its features:

  • Ignition protected design
  • Safe self-regulated PTC heaters
  • Impinged air technology
  • Dual airflow redundancy
  • Omnidirectional airflow discharge
  • Safe hermetically sealed thermostat
  • Quick release mounting bracket (included)
  • 20 ft power cord

  • Safe - thermostat activates when engine compartment temperature drops to 41F (5C)
  • Heater will not overheat
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Compact design fits most engine compartments
  • A more reliable engine compartment heater
  • More uniform engine heating
  • Air flows in all directions to more evenly distribute warmth

One of its features that is is optional on other products but standard on the Caframo Pali 400 is the quick release mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has always been a popular option and the Pali 400 includes it with every unit.

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