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New Prodct. The LectroTab Automatic Leveling Control ALC-1 ALC-2D and ALC-1D for Boat Trim Tabs

Posted by Al Murray on 5/28/2017 to News
Lectrotab just introduced their Trim Tab, Automatic Leveling Control (ALC) that automatically adjusts roll from side to side and pitch from bow to stern to maintain a level boat and more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The control may also be operated in manual mode. This control incorporates automatic tab retraction and calibration whenever the control power is switched off. This unique design requires no feedback sensor for tab position. LED indicators automatically dim at night and brighten in sunlight. The ALC is completely sealed and waterproof. Its rubberized cover is UV protected and will not deteriorate in sunlight. Fantastic new product. Available with a trim tab kit or sold as an upgrade to manual trim tabs.
automatic level control
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