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  • Insta-Trim Boat Leveler Insta-Trim Boat Leveler
    InstaTrim Trim Tabs are the Best Performance Motor Boat Trim Fins. Insta-TrimĀ® Trim Tabs are designed to adjust for these changing conditions and provide lift in order to give you the best possible running attitude for your motor boat.
  • LectroTab LectroTab
    Check out the NEW One-Touch LED Control, Automatic Positing and Leveling Controls. Also Lenco and Bennett upgrades and so much more.
  • Smart Tabs - Auto Trim Tabs Smart Tabs - Auto Trim Tabs
    A breakthrough technology in trim tabs. Nauticus Smart Tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway. Nauticus trim tabs self adjust according to how you load and maneuver your boat. Instal and let them do the work.
  • Bennett Trim Tabs Bennett Trim Tabs
    The World Leader In Trim Tab Innovation, Quality And Service. Bennett Marine Has Been A Trusted Name By The Best Boat-Builders In The World For Over Half A Century
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