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Jack Plates

Jack Plates by CMC Marine, TH Marine, Bob's Machine Shop, Panther by Marintech, PowrTran, and Detwiler. We sell them all.

One of the most asked questions is who makes the best Jack Plate? We honestly cannot say because all manufacturers make a quality product and have expanded their lines to include competitors products. Bob's Machine Shop not long ago just sold the standard jack plate with the hydraulics in the boat. They now have the Action Series that is all self contained as well as the Extreme Series for bigger engines us to 350 HP. 

T-H Marine and CMC Marine units are all self contained. T-H Marine Atlas and Atlas Micro are their latest design while CMC Marine has the PL-65 (Power-Lift) which are available in standard or high speed. CMC also has an excellent Tilt & Trim, the PT-35 & PT-130 (52100,13001,13002)

Detwiler is now owned by Seastar Solutions. Their All In One units are a unique design. They also have 3 gauge / switch option options. The most unique is the Ex-Zact Dial.

Panther by Marinetech has a few popular Jack Plates and Powrtran recently expanded the product line and now has at least 5 new units and two Tilt & Trim options. The newest design is the Magnum series.

According to our customers that have bought them, they are all excellent units.