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Kayaks - Inflatable

Sea Eagle has a huge selection of inflatable kayaks.

 The smallest is the Sea Eagle SE 330 Sport Kayak  packages.  Solo, SE330 Deluxe, SE330 Pro and  SE 330 Quiksail Packages. One size up is the Sea Eagle SE 370 Sport Kayak. Available Deluxe, Pro and Quicksail Packages. The Sea Eagle Fasttrack 385ft is a larger kayak that has been redesigned. It features the NeedleKnife Keel. The Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack is a larger version of the 385ft. The Sea Eagle 465ft can accommodate 3 passengers plus gear. The newest feature is the NeedleKnife Keel. The 385ftg solo green fasttrack has been added to the product line. It features the NeedleKnife Keel and drop stitch floor. The Sea Eagle 380x is a class IV whitewater kayak. Strong and durable, loaded with feature.  The redesigned Sea Eagle 420x is our largest whitewater Class IV kayak. Available packages are the Deluxe, Pro, Pro Carbon, Quicksail, and Pro Motor. The Sea Eagle 435ps Paddleski is four boats in one. Sail, Motor, Paddle, and Fish. Chose from the Deluxe, Pro, fishing, motor, Pro Carbon, White Snake Motor, and Sailing packages. The PaddleSki 435ps, redesigned with six packages to chose from including the new sailing package The Sea Eagle 300x Solo Explorer Whitewater Class IV kayak. The perfect size for the solo kayaker. The three package options are the Deluxe, Pro and Pro Carbon. Check out all our inflatable boats.
  • Sea Eagle SE330 Sea Eagle SE330
    The Sea Eagle 330 series is our lightest, most portable kayak is America's most popular, the versatile Sea Eagle 330. It weighs just 26 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the light weight fool you, it's a rugged kayak able to hold 2 people or 500 lbs and yet easy enough to be carried and paddled by one.
  • Sea Eagle SE370 Sea Eagle SE370
    The Sea Eagle SE 370 Deluxe, Pro and Quicksail Inflatable Kayaks. They are the bigger version of the SE330. It is a very affordable inflatable Sport Kayak is as lightweight and portable as it gets, yet still remarkably stable and durable. It weighs just 32 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the light weight fool you. It's a rugged kayak rated to hold 3 people or 650 lbs. However, it's best-suited space wise to accommodate two persons.
  • Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer Kayaks Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer Kayaks
    The Sea Eagle Fishing Explorer is a robust, beefed up, fully accessorized version of the rugged Explorer Series.
  • Sea Eagle FastTrack 385ft Sea Eagle FastTrack 385ft
    Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack™ Kayaks are sleeker and faster and than ever before! The FastTrack's™ combination of sleek, curved, touring shape with state of the art "NeedleKnife Keel" provides true rigid kayak performance with the benefits of an inflatable. Most importantly, the FastTrack™ is designed to be extremely safe and stable.
  • Sea Eagle 380x Kayak Sea Eagle 380x Kayak
    The Sea Eagle 380x Kayak Series are very tough boats. Rated tough enough for class four whitewater, but stable, dry and comfortable on flat-water as well. 4 Models To Choose From - One To Suit Every Need
  • Sea Eagle Razorlite 393RL and 473rl Sea Eagle Razorlite 393RL and 473rl
    The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393RL and 473rl are the World's First All Drop Stitch patented RazorLite™ inflatable kayaks are a much lighter, narrower and faster to paddle, high-performance kayaks for true adventurers! This is the future of inflatable boats and available now.
  • BOW Inflatable Boats BOW Inflatable Boats
    Boat owners World Inflatable Kayak with drop stitch floor.