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Minn Kota Portable Charger
Minn Kota Portable Charger

Minn Kota Portable Charger. Not sold separately. Must ship with a Sea Eagle Boat

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Part Number:MK110P
Protect your battery life with this 3 stage charger from Minn Kota. Improperly charged batteries will develop a "Memory" that will permanently reduce power capacity. Minn Kota 3 stage technology feeds power in rapidly at first in the "bulk" stage.

As the battery reaches capacity, the charger goes into "absorption" mode which tops off the charge. The "Maintenance" stage allows you to keep a battery charged for an extended period of time: whenever the battery weakens slightly, the charger tops it off.
  • Fully automatic 3-stage charging (bulk, absorption,maintenance)
  • Preserves Battery Life
  • 10 amps total output
  • Short Circuit and reverse polarity protection prevents the charger from operating if improperly connected
Recommended for:
  • FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boats
  • Frameless Pontoon Boats
  • Motormount Boats
  • Paddleski
  • SailCat
  • Sport Runabouts
  • Yacht Tenders
This item is covered by the Minn Kota Battery Charger Warranty, not the Sea Eagle two part guarantee.

All sales for this item are final.

This item is not exportable outside the USA

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