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Dynamic Boat Dollies & Racks for Most Small Sail Boats
Dynamic Boat Dollies & Racks for Most Small Sail Boats

Dynamic Boat Dollies & Racks for Most Small Sail Boats Type 4-1

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Part Number:Dynamic Boat Dolly Type 4-1

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Dynamic Boat Dollies & Racks

The Dynamic Sail Boat Dollies come as a kit that assembles quickly. They are very light and break down for transport in the trunk of your car.

Dynamic Dolly, Type 4-1

*  Dolly style suits small and medium sized sprit boats up to 250 lbs., e.g., 29er, RS Feva, and Topper Vibe.

* Split bow tube allows for extension of bowsprit and unhindered launching and dousing of asymmetric spinnaker on land.

* Boat-specific tube and sling lengths provide a custom fit for each boat, enabling a balanced handle load and easy maneuvering.

* All joint fittings are through-bolted and designed for increased torque stability.

* Strong, 3" non-stretch, polyester sling provides wrap-around boat support.

*  Adjustable, flexible V-fittings on bow and tongue tubes provide boat support forward of the sling and prevent boat and aluminum contact.

* Eyelets on sling and handle fittings facilitate securing boat to dolly in storage, on trailers or in racks.  Tie-down with the handle fitting eyelet helps prevent  slippage on steep ramps.

*  Easy dolly breakdown using the snap buttons on wheel shaft and tongue tube, as well as wing nuts on axle tube cross fitting.

*  Pneumatic, non-corrosive, 16" x 4" wheels can be secured on wheel shaft with provided screws for added security.  For soft sand conditions, tire pressure can be reduced to increase tire footprint.

* Proudly made in the USA.

TYPE 4.1    
14107   29 ER
14103   LASER 2000
14105   MX RAY
14102   RS 100
14106   RS 500
14104   RS 600
14108   RS 700
14100   RS FEVA
14111   RS VAREO
14110   VECTOR

View of boat on Dynamic dolly from the backDynamic Dollies are noticeably light

Dynamic Dolly comes as a kit that assembles quickly

Materials completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free:

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