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3M 03008 Emery Cloth - Pack of 6

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Part Number:3004.7917
Instead of common sandpaper which can fall apart during aggressive sanding, our 3M Emery Cloth makes a durable and effective tool for the challenges of sanding metal parts. Its J-weight cloth backing lightweight, yet much more durable than paper is ideal for sanding metal by hand or machine. Emery abrasive combines metal oxide minerals, such as non-fibrous aluminum oxide, for a tough abrasive surface that removes stock quickly yet leaves a fine finish. Choose from a complete range of grits from fine to coarse. Excellent for removing paint, rust and corrosion from metal Stone and oxide mineral emery abrasive holds up to hard metal surfaces Cloth backing resists shredding and tearing Suitable for hand or machine sanding Use during the Prepare stage of the 3M Body Repair System

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