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Turbo Vector

Turbo Vector Series 3 Blade Stainless Steel 3 Blade Boat Propeller

 When Turbo engineers sat down to design this prop, they had one thing in mind…awesome performance for boats with MerCruiser® Bravo One® stern drives. And they delivered with the Vector series of propellers. This series of props is designed specifically for giving great bow lift and fast hole shots with easy-to-handle planing characteristics…even in rough water. All of this is accomplished through a specially-designed blade. These props offer a larger blade area and wider diameter, which in turns moves more water when spinning, so your boat can achieve unmatched performance on the water. Don’t settle for sub-par performance. You and your boat deserve so much more. Grab yourself a Vector, or two if you have twin engines, and get on the water with a better-performing boat. You won’t regret it. 

The TURBO VECTOR was designed and developed for the Mercury Bravo drive with big horsepower. By adding increased blade area and more diameter, the TURBO VECTOR boat propellers performs like a thoroughbred, lifting the heavier sportboats to provide an increase in hole shot, top end performance, and fuel economy. They are available in right and left rotation. All Turbo props are made in the USA.