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Turbo Offshore 2

Turbo Offshore II Series OS2  OS 2 3 Blade  Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

The name says it all about these props…OFFSHORE. The Offshore I series of props were built specifically for those who have big boats, carry big loads and head out to big water. Getting these heavy boats up and on plane is crucial in big seas and the Offshore I delivers with its large diameter and aggressive rake angle design. With its progressive pitch design and extra cup, these props also deliver great mid-range efficiency. Add all these components together and you get a prop that maximizes performance and fuel efficiency, which is key when making long runs to the fishing grounds. Your big boat deserves nothing less than the best. Go ahead…match an Offshore II with a Guardian SQ-Lok™ hub at your Turbo dealer today. Why wait? Big fish are waiting and the Offshore II is ready to get you to them. 

The New TURBO OSII  (OS2) is a 3 blade propeller that answers the need for rough water  stability, load carrying ability and transom lift. Reduced prop slippage under power and load as well as excellent cruising characteristics rounds out the highlights of this series. Available in right and left hand rotations. All Turbo props are made in the USA.
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