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Turbo FXP

Turbo FXP 3 Blade Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

Engineered for total performance with super high output four stroke outboards
 Precision Propeller Industries, Inc. has launched the new high-performance FXP propeller from Turbo®. Engineered to deliver great overall performance at tournament load, it’s intended specifically for today’s high-performance, high-output four-stroke bass boat outboards. It also works well with these outboards in selected bay and fl ats boats applications.

 The new Turbo® FXP delivers outstanding results along all measures of propeller performance — hole shot, acceleration, top speed and handling — rather than focus on one or two performance attributes like some competitors. High performance four stroke outboards have different propeller needs than
 their two-stroke predecessors, and the FXP is the first propeller specifically designed to address all performance criteria in applications using
 these special outboards.

 Better by Design - Ventless — purpose built explicitly for today’s super high output four stroke outboards.

 Fast - Advanced 14 3/4" diameter, three blade design allows for high engine mounting heights for maximum speed, “grip”, and application fl exibility.

 Increased Lift - More overall boat lift than many other propellers for added performance, handling, and minimal bow rise at hole shot.

 Tournament-ready - Outstanding hole shot, top speed, and overall performance even at tournament loads, when propellers typically work their hardest.

 Custom Performance - Available in 22”, 23”, 24”, 25”, 26”, and 27” pitch for customized performance, right out of the box.

 Reduce Fatigue - Specific design advancements means less steering torque for less operator fatigue.
 Easy Installation - Guardian SQ-LOK hub system means it can be adapted to nearly any appropriate outboard. It can also utilize other brands of universal (square) hubs.

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