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Turbo 1

Turbo 1 Series TURBO1 Stainless Steel 3 Blade Boat propeller This is the prop that started it all. The Turbo 1 series of propellers is the flagship propeller of the entire line and its versatility is unmatched. Whether you have a tri-log pontoon boat, a stern drive runabout, a bass boat or a triple engine rigged center console offshore boat, the Turbo 1 is there ready to go. Getting out of the water and onto plane is a breeze with these props due to their specially-vented blade design.

The Turbo 1 features excellent turning and cornering qualities, causing less slippage, because of the exclusive cup design on the trailing edge of the blade. With its proprietary progressive pitch design, the Turbo 1 offers enhanced bow lifting characteristics, giving your boat the performance it’s been waiting for. And once you’re on plane and running across the water, the Turbo 1 prevents excessive steering torque through its unique blade geometry. Because let’s face it, running your boat is supposed to be fun, not work. Match this up with a Guardian SQ-Lok™ hub and these bad boys will fit most outboards and stern drives over 70 horse power. The TURBO 1 utilizes a blade geometry designed to achieve excellent overall performance on medium to heavily loaded boats that require the prop to lift the bow of the boat.

Turbo 1 boat propellers is available in a wide variety of pitches, making it an excellent choice for most stern drive and V-6 outboard applications. Available in right and left hand rotations in limited sizes. All Turbo 1 boat propellers props are made in the USA. “Turbo’s most popular propeller” Enhanced bow lift, excellent performance, and handling characteristics for medium-to-heavily loaded boats. Also excellent for use on high performance, high horsepower pontoon boats with triple logs and lifting strakes (approximately 150hp and above). Features advanced blade geometry with progressive pitch, increased blade rake angle and trailing edge cup. Vented blade design for fast hole shot, acceleration and time-to-plane. Turbo’s most popular and best all around performance propeller. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.
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