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Stiletto Boat Propellers

Stiletto Boat Propellers. Superior Blade Design

Stiletto Propellers are truly the stainless edge.  All Stiletto Stainless Steel Boat Propellers have a progressive pitch design.  Cupped blades reduce the chance of cavitation, therefore, increasing the efficiency and performance of your engine.Stiletto Stainless Steel Boat Propellers are designed to help each boat and engine combination achieve its peak performance at all throttle levels:  low end, mid-range, and top end.  They are also designed to outperform the mass produced aluminum and stainless steel stock/utility propellers.  The outer hub is vented to allow some of the exhaust gases to escape preceding each blade.  This helps eliminate performance robbing vacuums that occur behind the blades. Stiletto props are made in the USA. 
Stiletto Propellers are one-piece investment cast for exceptional strength and safety.  This manufacturing process provides superior consistency in blade shape and accuracy in pitch.  Some so-called performance propellers are produced using welded-on blades which are not as structurally sound nor are they as reliable as a one-piece casting.
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