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Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Pro Carbon Package Whitewater Kayak 380XK_PC
Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Pro Carbon Package Whitewater Kayak 380XK_PC

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Pro Carbon Package Whitewater Kayak 380XK_PC

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Sea Eagle 380x Pro Carbon Package


Our Sea Eagle 380x Pro Carbon Kayak package features everything in the Pro Package plus a set of upgraded top end Carbon-Fiber Paddles.

Tackle your adventures in tandem. The 380x is made to be ridden by one or two persons. Now you can do what others only dream of with our most versatile kayak series ever!

Designed to tackle whitewater, open-water, and now down-wind sailing! Large enough for two but small enough for one! The 380x does it all!

Key Features

16 Rapid Self - Bailing Easy To Open & Shut Drain Valves

When the 16 rapid self-bailing drain valves are open, you are sure to drain off water as quickly as it enters! With the drain valves closed you are certain to remain high and dry when paddling on flat waters such as lakes, bays and other bodies of water.

Modular Rigid Drop Stitch Floor Provides Double Protection For Whitewater Action

The unique modular design of the Sea Eagle Explorer™ features a super rigid, high pressure, drop stitch floor that sits on top of an outside floor. This has several advantages. The high pressure DS floor provides great rigidity and super responsive paddling performance. The reinforced outside fabric floor provides a double layer of added protection so it can bounce off rocks, logs and other objects you may hit in whitewater. The modular design allows the DS floor to be easily removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

Large Removable Rear Center Skeg

A nice feature of this design is that the skeg can be removed with the Explorer inflated or deflated. Simply remove it for whitewater adventures (eliminating it as an obstruction)and replace it for flat water to reduce yawing (swinging to the right or left). This increases track-ability during long flat-water touring, maximizing efficiency.


380x Specifications

Exterior: 376 cm x 99 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Load Capacity: 2-3 Adults or 340 kg

Engine Capacity: 34 lbs. thrust electric (max engine weight 15 lbs)

Interior: 358 cm x 38 cm

Tube Diameter: 29 cm

Deflated: 79cm x 51cm x 23cm

Chambers: 3 (port, starboard & floor)

Material: 1100 Decitex Reinforced

Seam: Electronically Welded, Quadruple Overlapped Seams

Floor: Separate High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor

Air Valves: 3 Recessed One Way

Inflation time: 8 min.

Whitewater Rating: Suitable up to Class IV 

Standard Features of the Sea Eagle 380x Pro Carbon Package

NMMA Certified

16 High Capacity Self-bailing Drain Valves
Large Removable Skeg for Flatwater Touring
Front & Rear Spray Skirts with Carry Handles and bungee cords
Separate Drop Stitch floor for rigidity
24 D-rings to secure seats and gear
One-Way Air Valves
Sea Eagle motormount receivers for optional motormount
Printed Instructions

Thousand Denier Reinforced Hull Material


We use high-pressure fabric for our high-performance Explorer Kayaks, FastTrack Kayaks, PaddleSkis, Frameless Pontoon Boat, FoldCats, SailCat, Yacht Tender, and Sport Runabouts. The 1,000 denier woven base cloth gives tremendous strength and the PVC coating on both sides creates a waterproof, air-tight seal.

The triple-layer POWER of 1,000 Denier, Reinforced, High-Pressure Fabric:

Tough-as-nails Supported Fabric – Our tightly-woven base cloth is coated with several layers of a special polymer then fed through rollers under great pressure to force the coatings into the fabric creating a solid, waterproof, very tough material.

Omnidirectional Strength – Our high-performance boats can endure severe impact with sharp objects without puncturing. The fabric isn’t just tough; it has equal tear-resistance in all directions.

Quadruple Overlap Seams – We overlap all main seams with an additional layer of material above AND below for a total of 4 layers. At 36 mil each, the 4 layers together are nearly 144 mil thick — thicker than most other inflatables.

Long life additives – Our 1,000 denier high performance fabric is formulated with special additives to guarantee long term resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, gasoline, oil, and other chemicals.

Sea Eagle 380x Pro Carbon
Package Contents
Total Value:$1,669

380x Explorer Hull$999
Two AB50 Paddles$298
Two Tall Back Seats$198
Kayak Carry Bag$49
Two small kayak stow bags$42
A41 Foot Pump$39
Slide in Skeg$29
Repair Kit$15

For greater back support, our Pro Kayak package features two Tall Back Seats, and bow and stern storage bags for longer trips. High-performance AB50 Pro Carbon Paddles increase power and reduce fatigue plus a 3 year manufacturers warranty against defects from Sea Eagle.

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