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Nauticus Smart Tabs
Nauticus Smart Tabs

Nauticus Smart Tabs

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Nauticus Stainless Steel Smart Tabs Complete Kits

ST781-20 - 7"x 8" Composite Plates / 20lb. Actuators 
ST780-20   Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 10 - 12 ft with 8 - 18 hp motors.
ST780-30   Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 10 - 12 ft with 20 - 25 hp motors
ST980-30   Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 13 - 15 ft with 30 - 40 hp 2 stoke only motors
ST980-40   Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 12 - 16 ft with 40 - 80 hp motors
ST1290-60 Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 15 - 18 ft with 60 - 150 hp motors
ST1290-80 Smart Tabs Trim Tabs Series for boats 18 - 22 ft with 150 - 240 hp motors.

The original SMART TABS use time tested marine grade stainless steel for durability and performance. They are ideal for use on vessels from 10' to 22'. This flexible component design provides maximum versatility in installation, even on many contoured transoms. Actuators are sealed in chemical and ultraviolet resistant EDPM rubber boots for extended life. SMART TABS are easily installed on most aluminum, wood, or fiberglass transoms in less than an hour. All trim tab components, mounting hardware, sealant materials, templates, and installation instructions are included in every kit. As always, easily replaceable sacrificial anodes should be used in prolonged saltwater applications
Performance Plus!

In 1999 Nauticus patented  “The Simple Solution!” Today we know SMART TABS are much more than a solution to poor handling and performance issues. As one boat builder says, “they make a good boat better!”

There is no doubt that SMART TABS solve problems, but this simple fully automatic trim and stabilizer system offers improvements for small craft well beyond the consumers desires and expectations. Improvements in acceleration, bow angle (“hole Shot”), ride and handling, top speed, and even fuel economy are documented by OEM builders, by numerous national and international magazine tests, and most important, hundreds of consumer testimonials. Over the years and after selling thousands of sets to satisfied customers our confidence has grown to the point that we assure customer satisfaction with a ‘money back performance guarantee.’

How do they work?
First, it is important to understand that trim tabs become an extension of the boat’s running surface, and therefore change the performance and handling characteristics as they adjust. This happens automatically with SMART TABS because they react to the water pressure, boat speed, and payload.

At slow speeds they deploy downward which increases stern lift, keeping the boat more level and allowing it to plane easier at much slower speeds. At cruising speeds they are pushed up by the water pressure, but remain under a load creating ride control like shock absorbers. No need to worry about tab position when pulling a tube, wake board, or skier. Just use the boat and enjoy the benefits.

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