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Hustler Prop 10.5X11 AL 3BL RH  R3-1011
Hustler Prop 10.5X11 AL 3BL RH R3-1011

Hustler Prop 10.5X11 AL 3BL RH R3-1011 21221110 Turning Point Aluminum Boat Propeller

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Turning Point Hustler Boat Propeller - Prop 10.5X11 AL 3BL RH R3-1011 21221110

Hustler Aluminum boat propellers are available in 3 or 4 blade, right and left rotation for 6-420+ hp engines.

Hub kit is not included and is sold separately.

Turning Point's superior aluminum boat propellers offer stainless steel performance at aluminum pricing due to its unique blade geometry and manufacturing processes

 only does top speed, handling and hole shot improve, but also mid-range performance, which will save you a ton in gas usage.

Higher rake angles tighten the vortex produced by the propellers, plus aggrssive rake and cupping add to boat lift, handling and overall performance.

Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy.

Turning Point Exclusive process is used to manufacture all Hustler aluminum propellers. Squeeze Casting generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in a cast aluminum prop resulting from a tighter grain structure. Stiffer blades means less flex and a faster prop. Competitors still use old Die- Casting processes that produce blades that flex, resulting in overall poor performance.

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