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Hydro Glow FL30 Flounder Gigging Lights
Hydro Glow FL30 Flounder Gigging Lights

Hydro Glow FL30 Flounder Gigging Lights - Daylight White Fish Light

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Hydro Glow FL30 Flounder Gigging Lights - Daylight White Fish Light

Flounder gigging at night no longer requires an expensive generator to provide adequate lighting to locate those elusive flounder.  With the development of high efficient and high output LEDs it is easy to patrol the shallow coastal lagoons and beaches in total silence, and, with enough light to do the job.  Our FL30 series is the light for you.

Common installations consist of mounting multiple lights, usually 4 to 8 lights, around the bow of the boat.  Many "giggers" build a platform across the bow of the boat making it easy to move around and spot the flounder in the shallows.  With this setup the battery can be placed under the platorm out of the way.  With a good quality marine battery you can easily run 4 FL30 floodlights on a single battery for 6-8 hours.

The FL-30 is an "above the water" style light. The FL-30 LED floodlight is designed with a more focused beam than the DM260. This model is recommended for docks high off the water or where water conditions is stained or not very clear. The FL-30 features a focused light beam to provide greater depth of penetration. The FL-30 is 120v and comes with a 20 foot cord. The size of this model is about 8 inch x 8 inch in size. The FL-30 comes in green color to maximize fish attraction.  With only 1/4 amp draw and 30w you can easily run several lights on a single circuit.

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