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Dickinson Diesel Stoves

Dickinson Marine Stoves - Ovens - Cookers
These classic products are used as much for their remarkable dry heat as for their cooking capability. Similar to a wood stove in design they provide a cast-iron cook top and a natural draft, vaporizing diesel burner. They are versatile, providing heat, cooking and hot water from a single appliance. Each installation will require a different chimney configuration. Manufactured by Dickinson with through deck fittings, outside flue caps, elbows, pipes (22” lengths of interlocking pipe only), flue dampers and flue guard in the diameter required. These are of marine grade stainless steel and can be ordered with your stove. A low-pressure fuel supply pump and filter are also available. 

We sell all the popular models. The Bristol Diesel , the Bering Diesel Cookstove, the Pacific Diesel, the Adriatic, the Atlantic and the Beaufort Cookstoves. All have ovens and use diesel fuel. 
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