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Bob's Machine Shop 100-604002 - 4" Setback Extreme Series Jack Plate
Bob's Machine Shop 100-604002 - 4" Setback Extreme Series Jack Plate

Bob's Machine Shop GEN 3 EXTREME 100-604002 (replaces 100-604000) - 4" Setback

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Jack Plate Gauge
Black Gauge [+$179.93]
White Gauge [+$179.93]
Black with Stainless Steel Bezel [+$189.93]
White with Stainless Steel Bezel [+$189.93]
Powder Coat
Bob's Machine Shop GEN 3 EXTREME 100-604002 (replaces 100-604000) - 4" Setback Extreme Series Jack Plate 

As outboard engines are getting bigger and heavier, we have created a new Extreme series of jack plate!

Extreme Gen3 standard series – Remote mount pump, 7' hose set, switch, and all wiring required.  For all in one jack plate, see Extreme Gen3 Action series

Jack plates are used to improve an outboard boats speed, holeshot, fuel efficiency, and the boater navigate in shallow water

Extreme Series (TM) jack plates

Bob’s Machine Shop has re engineered their world famous jack plate for new 550+hp 1000lbs engines including V8’s.

The New Gen 3 Extreme is wider allowing for Verado installation without the use of spacers.

Through innovative engineering, BMS’s new Extreme Series (TM) jack plates are their strongest yet. 

The Extreme series jack plates are available in all BMS setbacks to suit every application.

Jack plates are no longer just for fishing boats, offshore boaters will enjoy the extra speed, and increased fuel economy from BMS’s new line. 

Powder coat Colors
Standard in stock colors :
Gloss Black (Matches power pole black)
Matte Black
Metalic Black
Army Green
Seafoam green
Lime Juice Green (bright green with metalic pearl)
"Kawasaki Green"
Galaxy Grey
Yamaha Blue Steel (Yamaha Grey)
Bright Yellow
"Harley" orange
Bright white (Matches power pole white)
'Hull' White  (RAL 9010)
Red (matches power pole red)
Blue (Matches power pole blue)
Talon Blue (Matches Talons

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