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Boatsafe Cabin Heater CH-1215
Boatsafe® Cabin Heater Stainless finish

Boatsafe Cabin Heater CH-1215

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Exclusive "Dial-A-Watt" Feature - User sets dial to desired wattage, in 250W increments. (120V Model - 250W to 1500W)

Quickly 'heat-up' a cold cabin, or maintain a comfortable, constant ambient

Utilizes three, heavy duty, commercial quality, metal sheath heating elements.

Features an in-built, automatic thermostat - Adjustable from 40°F to 90°F.

Hi-efficiency fan blower for maximum heat distribution at any wattage setting.

120V Model - 5120 BTU Heat output on 1500W setting.

Includes 6', heavy duty 16/3 power cord, w/molded 3 prong grounded plug.

Unit mounts into a 12" x 6" x 4" deep wall cutout.

Includes a flanged, galvanized metal "Boat Box" to hold heater unit securely in the wall.

Versatile, adaptable, reliable and safe.

May be plugged into an outlet, or hard-wired to a separate breaker.

A permanently installed cabin heater for your "creature comfort" heating requirements.

Quiet and efficient heat distribution for your "living space".

Five Year Element Warranty.

One Year Fan Warranty.

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