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Turbo TXP OT 4

Turbo TXP OT4 Propeller 4 Blade Stainless Boat Propeller

 If you and your boat are built for speed, then hold your ears…because the Turbo TXP OT-4 is a prop that screams “fast” very loud. Engineers at Turbo who absolutely crave fast boats came through with this series of propellers. Designed specifically for very lightweight, go-fast boats. It’s over-and-thru the hub exhaust gets you that quick RPM build-up for ultra-quick hole shots and blistering acceleration. These props are typically paired with V6 outboards that are jacked up real high for high speed applications. But just because they’re fast doesn’t mean you have to worry about excessive steering torque. The TXP OT-4 has an advanced blade design featuring an aggressive trailing edge cup that will help minimize that steering torque. Because, let’s face it, you still have to fish once you get to your spot and you can’t be beat from driving your boat. Your boat is designed to go fast, and so are you. Help yourselves out and get a TXP OT-4. With a Guardian SQ-Lok™ hub, they fit nearly all V6 outboards in the market. Visit your local Turbo dealer for all the details and to see if you (and your boat) are right for the Turbo TXP OT-4.

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