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Turbo Fusion 4

Turbo Fusion 4 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

 As defined by, Fusion = The act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat. Or in Turbo terms…Very fast prop. The Turbo Fusion 4 series of propellers has the need for speed. Built and spec’d out for the highest performance offshore and stern drive powerboats. This aggressive series of propellers is not for everyone. These props with their high rake and progressive pitch design are ready for boats with stepped hulls and high horsepower outboards or big-block stern drives. This exclusive design is for boats that “skim” the water and have high engine/drive mounting heights. Get ready to be impressed because this prop, combined with your high-horsepower engine and advanced hull design, is ready to run. Then match a Guardian SQ-Lok™ hub up with it and you’re in the game. For most outboard and stern drive engines and drive units.

 Fusion 4
“Four-blade performance for specialty hulls” Excellent combination of strong acceleration and top-end performance for specialty high-horsepower sterndrive or outboard applications, such as stepped o shore hulls and some flats boats. Also excels on jack plate equipped high-horsepower outboard bass or bay boats. Advanced design features very aggressively raked, progressive pitch blades with through-hub, vented exhaust. Four blades help resist ventilation and propeller slip in turns as well as heavy and/or following seas.
Turbo  Fusion 4 Stainless Steel  Propellers • Available for V6 / V8 outboards and stern drives
• 4.75” gearcase, 14 ¼” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 21”,22”,23”,24”,25”,26”,27”,28”,29”,30”,31”,32”
• 4.75” gearcase, 14 ¼” diameter, left-hand rotation, pitches 21”,22”,23”,24”,25”,26”,27”,28”,29”,30”,31”,32”

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