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3M 7100070599 Marine Finesse-It II Glaze 09048 - 16 oz., 6 Pack

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Part Number:3004.7831
3M Marine Finesse-it II Glaze brings out the shimmering beauty of that high gloss "wet look" finish on fiberglass and painted boats. It effectively removes minor scratches and light oxidation. Using this product is highly recommended after compounding to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks. Use it whenever it's time to rejuvenate the high gloss finish on a boat. 3M Marine Finesse-it II Glaze removes micro-fine scratches and swirl marks that occur while sanding and compounding. Using this product is a suggested follow-up step after using 3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound. Our wax-free, silicone-free formula creates a silky smooth finish that's free of all surface imperfections. This marine glaze will also removes light oxidation that dulls gelcoats. Glaze removes light oxidation Eliminates minor scratches and compound swirl marks Rejuvenates faded and neglected paint and gelcoat surfaces Recommended for boats Wax-free, silicone free formula

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