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3M 61135 Stikit Cloth Disc Roll 202DZ - 5" x NH 80 J-Weight, 100 Disc Roll

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Our 3M Stikit Cloth Disc rolls offer quick access to a disc and eliminates disc liners. The light-weight cloth backing offers both the flexibility and durability required for sanding a variety of contours while protecting against premature wear. Versatile aluminum oxide and a load-resistant and static resistant open coat are well-suited for many different woodworking and paint prep applications. A durable resin bond resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the disc. 3M Stikit adhesive backing allows for quick application and easy removal, and convenient rolls eliminate the need to remove disc liners from individual discs Tough aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast and performs well on many surfaces Light, J-weight cloth combines wear-resistant backing with flexibility for rounded corners Static resistant coating helps prevent buildup of dust particles on the disc Open coat helps eliminate clogging to enhance cut-rate and productivity

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