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3M 46012 Marine High Strength Repair Filler - Pint

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Part Number:3004.6012

3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler is a uniquely modified vinyl ester structural filler formulated with short strand fiberglass for non-fairing applications. The fiberglass fibers interlock to give our filler additional strength compared to regular fillers. Filler is non-staining, non-shrinking and it comes with 3M Marine Cream Hardener. We recommend this product for filling and covering scratches, dings, rust-outs, blemishes, pinholes and other simple surface defects that otherwise exhibit a true or fair line. Use this filler to level or even out depressions and low spots. Filler restores damaged fiberglass hulls and decks on boats Short strands of fiberglass reinforce strength of filler Paste consistency allows application of vertical surfaces Non-staining and non-shrinking formula Comes with 3M Marine Cream Hardener

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