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3M 03022 Wetordry Sandpaper - 800 Grit (3-2/3" x 9")

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Part Number:3004.7929
Featuring waterproof paper backing, 3M Wetordry Sandpaper has been a trusted resource in automotive repair since the 1920s. It delivers true versatility even if you're wet sanding one area and dry sanding the next, our 3M Wetordry Sandpaper lets you keep moving without having to switch sandpaper. Today you can choose from a complete range of sandpaper grits for jobs ranging from shaping body filler to final paint touchups. Wetordry sandpaper features our silicon carbide abrasive, ideal for creating a smooth, refined finish. In fact, it delivers a 10% smoother finish vs. conventional 3M sandpaper. Each sheet is durably resin bonded onto a waterproof paper that helps conform to metal, plastic body filler or fiberglass sanding surfaces, whether by hand or machine. This range of sandpaper for wet or dry sanding is excellent for use in the Fill, Paint and Finish stages of our 3M Body Repair System. Use for wet sanding and dry sanding without switching sandpaper Silicon carbide abrasive self-fractures for longer life Flexible lightweight paper conforms to auto body surfaces for consistent finishes Delivers 10% smoother finish vs. conventional 3M sandpaper Includes five 3-2/3" x 9" sheets

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