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Detwiler All-In-One Hydraulic Jack Plates - Transom Jacks

Teleflex Marine      

Detwiler Advantages:

Our patented design utilizes stainless steel support rods vs. typical aluminum against UHMW or other plastic-type composites. It is laboratory tested to exceed 65 tons of sheer. Exclusive bronze oil-lite bushings with zerk grease fittings and dual wipers keep salt, sand, and silt off stainless rods. Anodized aluminum body won't chip.

The Detwiler D3000 Series Jack Plate comes in 4, 6, and 8 setbacks and provides an integrated hydraulic actuator to give you complete control of your plate. Optimize performance while under way.

FEATURES of the Detwiler D3000 Jack Plate
The maximum supported engine weight of 625 lbs is capable of handling the most demanding outboard
engines including the latest generation of 4-strokes.
Choose from 3 different control options: Rocker Switch, Pro Trim, and EX-Zact Dial. An optional position
gauge is also available.
The fully integrated hydraulic actuator, with self-purging reservoir, provides smooth powered height adjustment.
With the actuator unit integrated into the plate, there is no need to sacrifice boat space for a pump or hydraulic lines.
Optimized lift speed provides precise positioning that will not overshoot.
A heavy-duty slide mechanism with internal bearings provides smooth, bind-free travel with a
strong resistance to torque lock.
Fully captured slide mechanism prevents over-extension of the plate.
Integrated grease fittings allow for easy maintenance and long life.
The stainless steel guide rods with wipers are corrosion resistant and self-cleaning for low maintenance
and high reliability.
Up to 6 inches of stroke depending on control method.



Standard B.I.A. mounting pattern for simplified installation.
300 horsepower capacity to handle the most demanding outboard engines, including high torque 4-stroke engines.
Aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy providing light-weight, high-tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
Precision machining from work-hardened, extruded billet for increased strength.
Military standard anodized surfaces for corrosion resistance and increased life in saltwater applications.
Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance.
Made in the USA.
2 year warranty coverage.

Detwiler All-In-One Jack Plate OPTIONS

For Detwiler catalog - Click Here                       Teleflex Press Release- Click Here

4 Setback 6 Setback 8 Setback

Detwiler Model# Description Set Back Verical
OBD400 - 4000BD - OBD400A   JP304OR With Toggle Switch 4" 6" $999.00

OBD600 - 6000BD - OBD600A    JP3060R With Toggle Switch 6" 6" $999.00

OBD800 - 8000BD - OBD800A    JP3080R With Toggle Switch 8" 6" $1099.00

OGT600 - 6000GT - OGT600A    JP3060T Gauge & Turn signal 6" 6" $1099.00

OGT800 - 8000GT - OGT800A    JP3080T Gauge & Turn signal 8" 6" $1199.00

OEZ600 - 6000EZ - OEZ600A    JP3060X With Ex-Zact Dial 6" 6" $1,239.00

OEZ800 - 8000EZ - OEZ800A    JP3080X With Ex-Zact Dial 8" 6" $1,299.00

Detwiler Hydraulic All-In-One Jack Plate 
Control System and Switch Options

Ex-Zact Dial II System   OEZ Series JackPlate
Part Number DK3300  (99-DWGA04)

Dash- mounted hydraulic jack plate adjustment

  • Returns plate to within 1/8" of desired location every time

  • Eliminates need to visually reference engine position


     OBD Series Toggle Switch

Turn Signal Style Switch and Gauge OGT Series

Teleflex pro trim switch combined with our Detwiler position indicator gauge for jack plate positioning



Jack Plate Accessories

Detwiler Set Back Extensions

55-0220 Left Image 2" Set-back Plate
Made of 713 cast aluminum. Protected by zinc rich primer and black powdercoat. Standard BIA bolt pattern, but is drillable for non-standard patterns.
Overall dimensions 13.25" x 16". Wgt 15lbs.

Our Price: $169.00

55-0240 Right Image 4" Set-back Plate Model 240
An innovative flared shape allows this four inch set-back bracket more transom contact area to reduce stress and improve the motor's stability. The two piece, 1/2" thick, T-6 heat treated black anodized aluminum bracket will work with even the most powerful main engines. This is an inexpensive solution to lagging performance. Standard BIA bolt pattern with multiple mounting locations. Over all dimensions 14" x 5" x 4". Wgt 16lbs.

Our Price $ 189.00

Bolt Kits (Shipped ONLY With Detwiler Jack Plate)

55-9020 2.5 inch kit

55-9030 3.5 inch kit

55-9040 4.5 inch kit

55-9060 6.5 inch kit

Our Price: $25.95

Our Price: $25.95

Our Price: $29.95

Our Price: $37.95

These high quality stainless bolt pack contains four bolts, four washers, and four Nyloc nuts.
Fine threads provide fast and secure attachment of any outboard to any boat.


Bent Wrench

Part number- Wrench-001

Our Price: $26.95